Friday, April 20, 2018

Get wonderfully weird with Post Animal.

Photo by Pooneh Ghana
I was gonna write something in a more personal vein today, and while it wasn't a bummer topic, it was a little more serious than today's lovely weather deserves. Then I remembered the new Post Animal album was coming out today so I decided to say something about that instead.

Post Animal is one of those Chicago bands I never paid attention to, and until now was primarily known as the group "Steve" from Stranger Things was in. (He's not anymore, but I believe he did play on the new album.) So I, like an idiot, kind of wrote them off as more of a gimmick thing. My mistake.

They also seem to hang out with the Twin Peaks dudes, which makes total sense given their sound. Anyone who has seen Twin Peaks live knows that the recorded version of that band is a far more polite version of the pandemonium of their actual stage shows. Post Animal swims in a similar lane, though they definitely skew more towards '60s hard psych-pop (that's a thing, right?). Their new album, When I Think Of You In A Castle, showcases a band at the height of their current powers. Or maybe this is where they've always been? I dug through their back catalog and there isn't a whole lot of variation on their sound, so maybe they were pretty fully baked from the get-go. That said, this is definitely the strongest collection of their songs.

Post Animal is touring a lot through June, so I'd recommend seeing them if they come through your town. Unless you live in Chicago, which is already sold out, so you're out of luck.

Check out the album and throw the lads a few bucks to download (or buy a physical copy) if you see fit.

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