Tuesday, April 24, 2018

These Idle Hands will get you dancing.

This photo is almost a decade old, who knows who is still even in the band at this point!
The Idle Hands are from Ireland but now based in Minneapolis. I was introduced to them years ago by my friend Skip when I was booking The Note, and they were honestly one of my favorite groups to come into town. They also definitely fall into the "why weren't they huge" category that always mystifies me when a band is this much fun.

I happened to be listening to their albums over the weekend and the band let me know that their final EP was up on Bandcamp so check it out below. I thought the band had broken up but they actually have a few shows coming up under a different name so I don't know how many of the original members are still involved (though you're out of luck unless you live in Richmond, VA or Camden, UK), so I'm happy to see some of 'em are still in action. If you dig the below, their earlier full album is on Spotify.

Also, their new project is The Stress Of Her Regard (which I think they told me about a while ago and like an idiot I forgot) so that's definitely worth a listen too.

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