Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Soft Science returns with gauzy guitars that pack a wallop.

I thought these folks sounded familiar! I reviewed Soft Science’s Detour back in 2014, and dang if much of what I said then doesn’t still hold true. Woozy, smeary, heavy guitars are stabbed through by Katie Haley’s ethereal, dreamy vocals and it’s 1993 all over again on their forthcoming new full-length Maps. (Or maybe 1990?)

Soft Science doesn't shy from breaking out the ol' shoe gaze elements; there’s a pretty big MBV influence on the opening track “Undone” as one blasting, wavering guitar line hangs over the whole proceeding like Damocles’ Sword. Only things break into more pure pop territory on the next song “Breaking.” Though even here the ears trick you, because what sounds like a bright brass section is probably treated synths or a heavily tweaked guitar; I can’t tell which. But you’ll have to wait until the album is out on June 1 to hear that track.

But what I'm saying is they like the guitars loud but they ain't a one-trick pony. Give into the melodies buried in the blankets of noise.

Until the album comes out, check out “Undone” and the band’s earlier single “Sooner” below.

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