Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Exiled From Girlville

Sorry about the lack o’ blabbin’ on my part in this space but between all the bike riding, sweating and barbequing – not even mentioning my day-time jobby-job – I just haven’t really had the time.

And today is no different.

But I did think I would share one little observation with you kind folks. Last night I let Rudy drag me to the Evil E for a post-DJ set cocktail. I haven’t really been out late on a weeknight in a while so I figured just this once wouldn’t hurt. I figured I could party it back up a bit since I’ve been so well behaved and it really has been quite a while since I put in some serious time at Estelle’s.

I lasted ten minutes and was asleep by 2:30.

First I thought I was getting too old and then I realized that since I’m now living with my girlfriend and am still getting adjusted to no longer being the swingin’ single I had never really stopped to understand that the main allure of the post two AM bars is the hope of the hook-up. Sure enough there were scads of lovely ladies out and about last night and three months ago I would have been in heaven but now all they represent is one more person between me and the door as I hot-foot it out of the place.

Don’t get me wrong…I still love the lovely ladies and my desire for a pretty girl is probably never going to abate but I realized that a) my girlfriend is about the raddest thing on Earth and b) I better not get drunk and tempt fate by rubbing up against too many other girls and risk a black eye from the aforementioned rad girlfriend!

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