Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Placebo's long-delayed return to Chicago finally happened!

Photo by Shaela Johnston
I saw Placebo last week—rushing from a very delayed flight to Chicago and then running to the Salt Shed with little downtime—and the band has still got it. They refused to pander, picked a set focused on their current output, and gave an arena-style show in a venue smaller than they would usually play overseas (but is much larger than most they're played in the U.S. in, oh, the last twenty years or so).

Anyway, if that sentence above seems too knotty, just go read my review and take in the great photos by Shaela Johnston!

I think ... I'm back? In fact, I know it: I'm back!

As I was visiting the lovely new park called Little Island last week in New York, I realized that after 3 years of being stuck in Chicago I had somehow managed to be in 3 different cities in 3 different states over the last 3 weeks. At some point, my reentry went from moving at a snail's pace to rocketing me out of the house and across the country, and there have been many, many feelings flowing from that experience.

But the primary feeling I'm feeling? Gratitude. And excitement! You know how they say you can rarely tell when a new chapter in your life begins because you're actually in that moment of change? Well, in this instance, I definitely feel the beginning of an exciting new chapter. 

And I'm not making any grand proclamations, but I do think you can expect to see far more frequent posting in this space as I get more and more energized by reengaging with the world on a larger scale again!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

This really takes me back.

This early Triplefastaction track, paired with footage from the early stages of the band's career, was a super-fun trip down memory lane for me.

If you don't remember the '90s (because you were either too young or weren't born) it's true—we had a pretty loose sense of "fashion" and no, we did not care. One might say we never, ever cared.

You can pick up this excellent track, along with a slew of other tunes from the TFA vaults, right now. What're you waiting for?!