Tuesday, July 25, 2023


Well, it actually went up Saturday morning, but it's been a bit hectic 'round these parts, so it took me a few days to remember to announce it here. Sorry!

Also, now that that's finally written, we'll return to more regular programming ... for anyone concerned this was turning into a Blur fan site. But c'mon, it was a HUGE event for me!

Monday, July 17, 2023

Why so quiet around here?

For once, there is a simple explanation for the lull around these parts: I was in Europe for the last two weeks! I bought tickets to see Blur at Wembley way back when they went on sale, and made a whole, astounding, life-changing trip around that event. Bopping between London and Paris, my memories are currently in that pleasant slurry state of all blending together and filling me with new ideas, and quite frankly, a reenergized view of the world around me.

I'm still coming down from the amazing natural highs—this was my first intercontinental vacation as an adult that was completely booze-free, and the difference in my experience compared to past travels was AMAZING in so many positive ways I couldn't have dreamed of. 

I feel alive again—things are happening and I couldn't be more excited about the future. Do you know how odd that sentiment is to even share after years of uncertainty?

In the next couple days I'll be gathering my thoughts around the Blur concert for Third Coast Review (I'm trying to time the review to fall just before the band's new album is release at the end of this week) and then I'll start to try and capture and share all the inspirational experiences that have reopened long-thought shuttered centers of my brain over the last two weeks.

Exciting things are ahead, y'all!