Friday, May 24, 2002

Well, I went ahead and decided to use this nifty little blogging tool to start archiving old Tankboy posts. The really ancient one's won't go up for a while -- I have to travel back to my parent's house and rescue them from my brother's ancient Mac -- but just posting these should keep me busy for a while...


-------------STORYTIME SOMETIME LAST WEEK-------------(C)JAKJr01--

Our heroes Jim and Dan are surfing on a sea of constipated irregularity (that is to say a completely static situation that fluctuates constantly before the mind's eye as said mind struggles to reconcile the unchangeable sameness before it) when they stumble across a small diamond encrusted monocle in the sand.

"Looks like that Monopoly bastard can't be too far away" sez Dan.

"Yeah, I can't wait to beat him with my shoe" sez Jim.

"Neither of you are ever gonna catch me" sez the Man in The Top Hat-n-Tails as he fades away like so much sugar in the bottom of a steaming cup of Green Tea.

"I'm not fading out into the Fifth dimension", sighs Dan, "I've been there before and the girls just do not put out."

"There's more to life -- and looking at women -- than that you idiot." snorts Jim.

"I know you're the sensitive one, and you're supposed to say that," retorts D, "but you're wrong.

With that our heroes start slapping each other about the heads like a bunch o' lil' sissy girls and it is at that precise moment that Top-n-Tails decides to fade back muttering to himself something chauvinistic and inappropriate and hell-no-I'm-not-writing-that-out-you-little-prick.
-------allow for a brief interlude as author struggles with moral conscience-------

I'm back and have decided that the remainder of this tale is really not worth telling but you can check out the movie on TNT sometime in the near future.
------------THE LIST------------------

BOOKS - Will Self's "Grey Area" was pretty good and right now I'm diggin "Dream Brother" the Jeff and Tim Buckley biography. Next on my list is "JR" by William Gaddis, but I can't really recommend that yet since I haven't actually read it yet.

SONG - "We Are Monkeys" by's not some great piece of pop craftsmanship but it damn near made me pee my pants.

ALBUM - The new Sigur Ros is stunning to say the least, the new Caviar reminds of how Chicago was when we rocked and didn't really think, the Jicks single is fun, Pal Alto is Radiohead Jr., right down to snagging their name from one of Thom and company's b-sides, but they're still pretty cool, the Webb Brothers "Maroon" should really be available in the states since half the songs are about the Liars Club crew and the new Wes Hollywood Show ("The Girls Are Never Ending") is perfect pop.

MOVIE - "Ravenous" is my current guilty pleasure and I love the songs in the score Damon Albarn obviously had the heaviest hand in.

DVD - The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus is mind-numbing.

BAND - Right now I just t can't get enough of Blur or
The's kind of sick really.

GOING - going, gone. Party's at your place, right?

Licking the Sugarcubes...Tank