Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Two more Gmail invites!

Google must love me or something. Here's the deal. If you want one leave a comment below. If you know me it's all yours. If you don't know me it's all yours in exchange for a mix CD. Deal?

...and, just in case you forgot the line-up or something...

The Tankboy Birthday Spectacular


The Bomb
Cisco Pike
The Ladies & Gentlemen
DJ Photogal Vs. DJ Tankboy

Doors and DJs at 8pm
Bands at 9pm
$7 cover/$5 with discount coupon linked below

Clicky here fer discount ticket!

NOW it's yer berfday!

I have lots of news, stories, gossip and grousing but you'll just have to wait until either a) tonight at the show or b) tomorrow after I wake up and drag poor Photogal to see Spiderman 2 with me!

Speaking of Photogal, she did a little mini-DJ set last night that she and Rudy planned ahead of time to get her in on both nights of the birthday celebrations. Yippee!

And now for your disturbing image of the day.

I love Psychic TV and hope they play Chicago but even I've gotta say this is probably the weirdest thing Genesis has done. Oh well, it seems to be in the spirit of true love and romance so I can't say anyhting negative about it.

Not to Photogal: Whilst I am an old softy and true romantic, I am not getting breast implants to match yours, don't worry.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It’s (almost) yer berfday!

Yes boys and girls, at midnight tonight I mark another year passed on my biological calendar. Well, legally. I was actually born a little after 7pm on June 30, and if you really want to be persnickety cell masses that eventually turned into me started forming about nine months or so before that, but as far as the Man is concerned my birthday starts at midnight.

I always try to make sure I and my friends have as much fun as possible on my birthday so this year I've split it into two parts! Part one occurs tonight while Rudy and I man the decks at Ten56 and play music to make the little girls and boys cry their eyes out and wiggle their booties to. We'll also be giving out discount passes (and maybe a freebie or two) to Part Two of the birthday festivities.

What’s part two?

Well it's the Tankboy Birthday Show at Double Door featuring some of my favorite Chicago bands! The evening will open with DJ Photogal spinning some tunes with yours truly popping a few in as well. Then the glam-poppers The Ladies and Gentlemen, lead by good buddy Skid Marks, will take the stage. After them is the inimitable Woolworthy whom I’m lucky to count as close friends of mine and all around terrific guys. Watch out ladies! Then Cisco Pike follows; a supergroup of sorts featuring Pat McIntyre and Randy Payne, Scott Lucas of Local H and Tom Szidon. These guys write killer songs that sort of tip-toe in shoegazer territory but are firmly rooted in really melodic rock and/or roll. Closing out the evening will be The Bomb, led by one of my top local heroes Jeff Pezatti the ex-singer for punk legends Naked Raygun. If there’s still time and/or people left standing, Photogal and I will probably spin for a bit after the show as well.

I love my friends and I love being able to throw a big ol' party for everybody on my birthday. So pack yer bags, hop a flight, catch a cab and get yer ass to the rilly big shew!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Sunnier days are here again.

The wake and funeral were very nice, I ended up being a pallbearer and the whole affair afforded a wonderful sense of closure.

Now I'm swamped by work and preperations for my brithday celebrations tomorrow and Wednesday night so let me shove my nose back against the grindstone so I don't leave anything unfinished before taking a few days off

Friday, June 25, 2004


Photogal's grandmother passed away today so no extensive post, okay? I think I have to be a pallbearer on Monday to so probably no posting for the next few days.

People can't seem to understand why I'm broken up over my girlfriend's granmother passing away, but I honestly spent more time with her in the past ten years than I spent with my own grandmother in the last twenty. Weirdly enough nobody (work, family, beagle) seems to get why this is a depressing turn of events for me. I really though Grandma Rudy (that was her nickname) would outlive us all! And now she's gone.

I'm bummed.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Spiderman, how could you?

In honor of the new Sam Raimi flick opening next Wednesday I feel it is my divine duty to present a sampling of the re-worded Sidey comix found here.

Click on each pic to expand for easier reading!

Bwa-ha-hahahahahaaa! Funny.

(Thanks to Warren Ellis for cluing me in. First time I've ever been to his site and this is what I come across.)
Rar, rar, woof!

No time to really write anything today, but since I've been so dog-happy over the past few days I figured this pictorial documentation of the city of Vancouver's attempt at human/canine communication would be amusing.

I may make fun of Canadians, but at least they're trying to break down those pesky verbal barriers between man and beast!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I moved!

I moved desks at work. I now have a window seat! I never thought I would find such a thing exciting but as I become more and more acclimated to the nine-to-five thing I’m beginning to realize that sometimes it's the tiniest of things that really have an effect on your "work experience." I guess on the hierarchy of the "office environs" a window seat is one step below having an actual office with a door that closes.

It's kinda cool since I feel like I have my own little world to myself now that I’m not in the flight path of everybody who needs to get from one point to another in the office. I actually held off claiming this spot out of respect to the woman that used to sit here since she was laid off a few weeks ago and I just couldn't really wrap my head around the desk not being hers anymore. Well, when someone junior to me snagged the other window desk in the area I decided the time for reverence was over and the time to start sucking down some sunshine was nigh!

Mmmm! We're making s'mores at work right now and I just had a tasty treat delivered to my desk. Yum!

Anyway I've moved desks and life is peachy. Speaking of moving, I would like to reiterate that when I move out of my apartment next month I AM NOT MOVING TO THE SUBURBS. I am moving to the West Si-yee-de. It is still in Chicago. Apparently when I posted about the move early some folks grew confused and the concerned for my mental well-being. They said, "Tankboy is the LAST guy to EVER move to the suburbs! How can this be?"

Well, it don’t be, so stop worrying. I AM moving out of the 'hood I've lived in for almost the past ten years so I FEEL like I'm moving to an alien land, but that's it.

Man, that was one tasty s'more. Just the way to top off my lunch, but now lunch time is over and I’ve got to get back to work. Toodles
Betty the Beagle loves YOU!

Now, doesn't that make your day better?
Is this the face of a man who would ever try to get his wife to go into sex clubs for public jiggy-ness with him?

It sure is!
The Strokes ain’t got nuthin’ on me!

Laaaast night. Last night. Whoa. Last night.

Mondo beyondo fun. Maybe too much fun. I was wise and skipped the Evil E, though I hope Rudy’s still breathing today.

Buried at work, but to take the sting off the brevity of the post I do still have two Gmail invites left. The little buggers keep popping up. I got a groovy mix CD from a guy girl (sorry about that unisex name screwing me up!) I gave an invite to last week, however I don’t demand anything in return for these things. Snag ‘em now.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Things to do in Chicago when Tankboy’s too busy to write something thoughtful and/or witty.

- Go see Rachael Yamagata at Schuba’s tonight. The early show is sol out so scramble for tickets to the late show while you can! While you’re there ask her why I’m not in the liner notes but all kindsa sleazy executive suit-types are. Oh waitaminute…I answered my own question didn’t I? In that case, just go see her and marvel that a major label actually signed someone with talent for once!

- Also, go see me, Rudy and our special guest DJ VNLO (a.k.a. Marty ther Production Manager at Double Door) throw down mad beats at Ten56. Okay, maybe not mad beats…more like fat chords? VNLO does bring out our more adventurous side by forcing us to follow up Justin Timberlake and The Rapture (usually with something Hedwig inspired or some fat dirty electro) so it should be a good night. maybe i'll just quash him with a one-two-three Killers/Lanegan/Whigs punch...

Monday, June 21, 2004

Also, a note to self...

When trying to divine information to use to quash nasty rumors before they catch hold and blaze through a scene, Tankboy should really learn how to employ some small amount of tact so that what he believes to be a public service in the best interest of all parties involved doesn’t come out sounding more like a suspicious or intrusive attack.

Also Tankboy should avoid referring to himself in the third person.
Also, not that I could’ve attended, why did no one tell me of the secret Ted Leo show at The Hideout Saturday night?!
The price I pay.

When one has a weekend as uniformly fabulous as I did one must know that the Monday morning return to the “real” world of the nine-to-five will be more jarring than usual. Today is no exception.

My MOBfest shocase was a slam-dunk of a blast – look for a full write-up over at in the next day or two – and Photogal and I managed to have a pretty pleasant weekend when I wasn’t busy rocking out.

But, today is Monday and I do have a huge amount of work to do so be good and play nice, okay kiddies?

Friday, June 18, 2004

Because this is gonna rock yer socks off!

Tankboy and MOBfest present:

Saturday June 19
The Note

Rockit Girl
American Cosmonaut
King Radio

Doors 8pm
Show 9pm
$8 cover / Free with MOBfest badge

Seriously, this should be loads of fun, each band is really at the top of their game and a seriously fun evening of rock and/or roll should ensue.

Tonight my friend Dave’s new band The Drama is playing at SubT and the always excellent Assassins are playing at Double Door. I will be at both shows.

This weekend’s rock is just the tonic I need. Work and home have been stressful what with lots of additional responsibilities, two dogs, a girlfriend with lots of free time on her hands to get mad at me about various things and the oh-so depressing news that both the Tribune Company and The Sun-Times have been overstating their circulation of various properties. Wait, that last bit doesn’t really affect me does it? Actually it makes me giggle a bit since The Sun-Times is more than due to eat a healthy helping of crow. The third-grade reading level sensationalist rag has pissed me off for years and it warms my cockles to see that its readership is actually far lower than it has been claiming. And now its advertisers are suing due to being overcharged.

Bwa ha hahahahahahaaaa!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well, that's not surprising.


You're an Etch-a-Sketch!! You're the creative,
artsy type who doesn't need to actually utilize
a single muscle group in order to have fun.
Doesn't matter though, you're still cool.

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?

(Props to Emma for the link.)

Photogal is back.
Work is busy.
Life is back to normal.
Eurotrip was actually a little funny.

I have a MOBfest showcase Saturday that everyone should attend, even though MOBfest never prints my name in their literature or gives me credit even though I’ve been doing shows for them since almost the beginning. However they are more than happy to take credit for stuff they had nothing to do with. I guess their spokesman was on the radio talking about how MOBfest led to record deals for both Kill Hannah and Rachael Yamagata. I know for a fact that both bands got their deals through connections, showcases on both coasts and good old fashioned hard work. But hey, that’s the music biz, eh?

Whatever. Whatever is also and Oasis singel, never on an album, that is quite excellent. I was thinking about b-sides from that particular band and remembered the b-side collection The Masterplan they released in the U.S.A. a few years ago. I thought it was funny that Acquiesce was listed as “the lead-off single from the Oasis b-sides collection.” So it’s a b-side that’s been transformed into an a-side by virtue of crossing the Atlantic? No matter, it’s still a great song, it’s just the marketing that seemed a little wonky at the time. But that’s the music biz, eh?

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Joe lies when he cries.

Last night’s Prom was a blast. I heard the story, from one of Rudy’s exes, about the girl who went stag to her own Prom. Josiah wore a tux and his wife looked smashing. There was lots of dancing. There were hot lesbians making out with each other and trying to lure pretty girls their way. The bar was packed and there were smiles all around. Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night!

In other news, Photogal gets in today so my insomnia should go away. I didn’t mention that? I get paranoid when I'm home alone late at night and the way I battle that is lotsa reading, DVDs and not very much sleep. Yeah, I’m a weirdo.

Speaking of weird, I’m noticing more and more of my friends keeping up with the blog. How do I know that? It’s odd to have continuing conversations on subjects you haven’t discussed in person. Rather, the other party has read something on this site and comments it. While this is cool I’m beginning to feel that I’m running the danger of repeating myself without meaning to! If someone reads a story or thought here and then I bring it up later in actual conversation, without realizing the second party has already run across my thoughts on that particular subject, then I can unintentionally come across as a broken record. It’s a bit of a Moebius strip really...

Okay, too much thinking makes my head hurt this morning, so lets all relax with this fun personality quiz based on one of my favorite cartoon characters.

So, really, which Tankgirl character are you?

(Props to Laura for the link to this fun!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A quandary.

So Photogal is enjoying Mexico. She is enjoying it so much she has decided that she’s going to rent an apartment down there for one month beginning mid-July and take some intensive Spanish classes at the local university. Wow, that is so cool. I wish I had three months off and could just move to Mexico for a while on a whim! She has worked incredibly hard over the last few years, though, so I think this whole experience is quite deserved.

I do have a problem though. It’s entirely understandable I will get a little lonely and miss my girlfriend while she’s away for a month but I think the opportunity is so great I wouldn’t dream of denying this trip to her. However, we are moving to her house two days before she goes down to Mexico for a month. That means I’m going to spend a month in a house on the outskirts of Chicago, far removed from my friends, while taking care of two dogs, entirely alone.

That kind of sucks.

The whole reason I agreed to this move was because I understand that Photogal would like to get me a little further from the ‘hood and a little more firmly ensconced in a more “mature” lifestyle. Fair enough, I can buy that. I am actually looking forward to seeing how I adapt to the new circumstances and what sort of new developments arise. However I was looking forward to moving down that path with someone at my side, I didn’t expect to get dumped in a foreign environment and then immediately abandoned for a month! I mean, I’m a grown-up (relatively) and I’ll deal but it certainly doesn’t make a transition that was already a challenge to begin with and less difficult.

Oh well, I’ll just get really used to the company of my two dogs, I suppose, and look forward to visiting Photogal down in Mexico sometime in July or August. Maybe I can arrange a tour to hop along with at some point in there too...that would keep me occupied! I could tie little bandanas on Betty the beagle and Lucy and employ them as miniature roadies!

Maybe not.

Lest I forget...

...tonight is the 2nd Annual Sweet Alice prom at Ten56 hosted by Rudy and yours truly. It should be fun so repress those high school nightmares and carve out a happy and stress-free memory of Prom for yourself.

Monday, June 14, 2004

A miniature Houdini!

So last Saturday as I returned home from a night of rock and/or roll with Marah (I passed on Juliana, sorry Ms. Hatfield) and a brief stop at Liar’s Club I decided to let the doggies out in the back yard so they could, um, relieve themselves. I went back inside to, um, imitate their actions utilizing indoor plumbing and then went back out to see where the doggies were at.

Betty was grazing on some grass since her stomach’s been upset the last few days but Lucy was nowhere to be found. All the gates were up and closed so I climbed to the third floor porch to get a better vantage point.

No Lucy. She had vanished.

What followed were a flurry of phone calls to a vacationing Photogal, 911 in case a local officer came across a little black dog, and blocks and blocks of walking with betty whistling and calling out ,”Lucy! Luuuuucy!” After about two hours, as the sun came up I collapsed on the couch dejected, depressed and with Photogal mad as hell at me. I couldn’t blame her. Both of us usually let the dogs out, do other things and just keep checking up on them but Lucy had escaped under my watch so I was fully to blame. The only annoying side note is that Photogal wants to blame me coming home drunk at 3am when, in fact, alcohol had nothing to do with Lucy’s escape. I just had to pee and didn’t know she had discovered an exit route.

I was jolted awake at 9am and checked my voice mail since I saw I had a message. Lucy was found! Someone called the number of her tags and she had traveled a great distance away from our pad…a whole half a block! How I missed her as I combed the neighborhood is beyond me but I was the happiest boy in the Ukie Village that morning as Betty the Beagle and I trotted off to usher Lucy back home. She spent the entire day yesterday snoozing on my chest as I rested my frazzled nerves with a good old fashioned DVD marathon with such lofty selections as:

Lost In Translation



28 Days Later


…and another that I can’t remember for the life of me…

I knew I had a doctor’s appointment this morning so I turned in early amidst the comfort of two snuggling puppies. Awwwwww.

Friday, June 11, 2004

As expected the party animal decided to hibernate.

Yup, I was all set to go out and tear up the town last night, in honor of Photogal not being around to give me disapproving looks when I stumble in at three in the A.M., but instead ended up falling asleep on the couch watching Coupling. Whoa excitement.

I did finally drag my carcass off to bed only to be woken up at four in the A.M. by a flying bundle of fur sailing and snapping over my chest. Apparently Lucy, the new dog, decided to get a little feisty and took a run at Betty the Beagle while she was sleeping. Betty won and I congratulated both on a job well done since that's what you’re supposed to do.

I guess they're actually playing for the most part with an undercurrent meant to test each other's dominance so we've kind of taken to viewing Betty as the "top dog" and Lucy as the "subordinate." I suspect Betty was being naughty the first few days by bullying Lucy but the two seemed to have settled into each other and now play regularly. What makes this particularly noteworthy is the fact the before Lucy Betty did not play with other dogs at all. She much preferred humans. So I'll take this as a good sign.

This weekend should be fun and I hope not to make an ass of myself drooling over Juliana Hatfield at Double Door tomorrow.

Also remember, as a Public Service, I still have a few Gmail invites to give away so let me know if you're intereste

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Gmail and me, part deux.

Apparently I have 5 Gmail invites. Who wants 'em?

Respond in the comments...
Who knew? Me and Gmail.

I honestly had no idea that not everyone could get a Gmail account when I got mine a month or so ago. Since I have one should I start skipping through the streets taunting everyone around me? Naw.

I just use it for band booking though I guess I could use it to store songs and music since there is one big-frickin-gig of storage available to me.
Who put their socks in my mouth when I was sleeping?

It was a pretty late night for me as we bid Josh adieu and generally descended into the realm of drunken tomfoolery. There was some weird shit going down and I just watched bemused from the sidelines. I also got quite a few, “What the hell are you doing out so late?” queries that were met by nods of understanding and smug smiles when I said that Photogal was out of town.

Speaking of Photogal, she’s fine and dandy and enjoying Mexico although she said there are lots of stray dogs. I told her we are NOT adopting another one. Absolutely not. Two doggies are enough, thank you very much.

In other exciting and breaking news I picked up Season 3 of Coupling and am looking forward to immersing myself in that. I’ve already made it through two episodes and I am very careful and not drinking anything during the actual episodes for fear of shooting liquid out of my nose each time I’m caught by an unexpected fit of laughter. I am a very cautious guy, eh?

Hey, I just realized the Garfield movie comes out tomorrow…I used to love Garfield when I was a wee one and then my enthusiasm for the fat cat waned over the years. Well, one of my projects was the creation and marketing of these cool little items so it’s safe to say I’ve gotten to know the self-indulgent feline a little bit better again. An added plus, on the movie side, is Bill Murray as the voice of Garfield. Goddamn do I love Bill Murray. So go see the movie and then buy some of the stuff I made.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Just looked at Flight Tracker -- as I usually do to keep tabs on Photogal when she's travelling -- and I see she's flying through pretty severe weather the whole way.

I'm sure she'll be fine but I'm a bit on edge nonetheless...

They really need to release a proper Cannonball Run Soundtrack. Here, though, is a lovely mp3 of one of my favorite tunes from that film:

Chuck Mangione blows all over the Cannonball Run

(Also, I would kill for a good copy of that "You've Gotta Have A Dream" song sung by the California Children's Chorus over the closing credits of the film.)

Random shtuff.

- Last night was great, Jenny Evil picked great tunes and spun like a pro and Photogal actually stayed out until the bar closed and I played my last song! Also, those left-over hamburgers my lil’ bro left me sure came in handy and helped dissuade Photogal from a White Castle run.

- That reminds me, I haven’t eaten at a McDonalds or Burger King or fast-food place since last year. I didn’t even do that intentionally. Interesting.

- Picked up Rachael’s disc today (even though I had a preview copy I wanted to cast my consumer vote through general purchase) and I’m not in the liner notes anywhere! Bummer. She did write something really nice about James though and I thought that was really sweet. Anyway, go buy this disc as it is terrific and will help you grow stronger fingernails. Also the tunes are tremendous.

- So last night Photogal and I were discussing our plan to go to our friend Josh’s going-away party tonight but she was afraid of staying out too late since she had to catch a flight to Mexico Thursday morning. She went on-line to see just when her flight was leaving and discovered the flight was actually today! Good thing she looked that up or she would have missed her flight. I wasn’t quite ready for her to go though, since I thought she was actually leaving Thursday, so In was left in a bit of a lurch. However she IS out of town for a week so let’s see what kind of trouble I can get myself into…

- Ultragrrrl is gone and no one seems to know why. Maybe I need to call in Nancy Drew to get to the bottom of this! I dug what she wrote even if she did work for that champion of mediocrity.

- Gotta love those big ol’ ugly “F.B.I. Anti-piracy Warning” shields they are now using to muck up album artwork. Pretty!

- Okay, enough for now…gotta get my head straight.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Hot damn!

For the record I think "Triple trouble off the Beastie's new To The 5 Boroughs should have been the lead-off single. This track smokes!

Just my two cents.
The Beer Fairy and The Beasties!

So when I got back from camping yesterday I opened up my refrigerator – which had been pretty barren upon my departure Friday – and was met with shelves stuffed with hot dogs, hamburgers, cheesecake and BEER!

I gotta leave town more often.

Seriously though, my little bro’ was watching the doggies at my pad and decided to have a BBQ. While I shudder to think of people I peripherally know running rampant amongst my books, my CDs and records, and my unmentionables I am definitely not going to complain about all the free foodstuffs left in the party’s wake.

Also TONIGHT, as usual, Rudy and I are spinning at Ten56. There are added incentives to attract your attendance this evening though. First, the lovely Jenny Evil will be our guest DJ and she is sure to set the dance floor on fire with Slayer and The Electric Six. Also, tonight sees the debut of some cool new tunes by The Beastie Boys, The Charlatans and selections from the forthcoming Polyphonic Spree disc.

Hug your neighbor, grope a friend and get down tonight.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Now playing in Guyville...

I review the debut album Happenstance by Rachael Yamagata.

Read all about it here.
Whereupon we reflect and admire what a resolute and patient soul Tankboy truly is.

Y’know, I am a goddamn saint. Okay, maybe not a saint, but I do think I’m a pretty decent guy who puts up with a lot of external flak primarily because, well, I can. I like to think that I have the capability to step back and view “the big picture” from time to time and in doing so I can often detect just at what point I myself have passed from reasonable human being into irrational asshole. It happens.

What this also means is that I can see when other folks make the same transition – though since I’m a polite fellow let’s term another’s transition as the passage from reasonable individual to unreasonable individual.

When this transition takes place in anyone the possibility of carrying out a meaningful discourse is rendered completely null and it’s time for all parties involved to take a time out, retreat to their respective corners, and take a breather in hopes that reason decides to take roost in everyone’s actions once again. The unfortunate thing is that the absence of reason often makes the above scenario impossible since folks are acting, by definition irrationally.

Here’s where my frustration comes in.

I, often in what is known as a heated debate or a knock-down drag-out verbal fracas, will from time to time snap to my senses and see what’s happening and realize that the conversation needs to stop NOW. The conversation might be able to continue later but for now it must end before the irrational turns into the recklessly harmful. Unfortunately other folks never see this and it frustrates me when something so obvious and plain is ignored and people’s feelings get hurt because of it.

Here’s an example. I’ve known these two sisters for quite a number of years and was caught in the middle of an argument they were having a few months ago. It was like watching two rams butt heads, only in this case each ram was running into a mirror image of itself since – due to the spiraling and insular nature of each’s “point” – each only really paying attention to their own volleys. I pointed out that they may as well stop talking since each was being equally stubborn and no headway was ever going to be made, at least given the current climate in which they were holding their discussions. I also pointed out this had always been the way arguments went between them and they really had to find an alternate rout e to resolution. They actually paused and one of the sisters marveled at how she had never seen that particular dynamic playing out between the two of them. That argument ended. I wish I could say all their arguments ended but…

I dunno why I’m thinking of this. Probably because I can be the argumentative type and I get unreasonably upset when I carefully choose my words and their meanings in an argument and the other party completely misses or misinterprets my point. I’m upset at the person for not “getting me” and I’m upset at myself for failing to communicate.

Again, I’m not sure why I’m, thinking about this. I didn’t argue with anyone this morning. I did do a test run from the house I’m moving to next month and realized I’m adding up to half an hour to my commute and was none too pleased…maybe that’s why I’m a bummer today.

I think I’ll work on that review of Rachael’s disc that comes out tomorrow so I can get it up on DoneWaiting today.
"Caught now in court 'cause I stole a beat / This is a sampling sport / mail from the courts and jail / claims that I stole the beats that I rail"

This is a great interview with both Chuck D and Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy regarding sampling and such.

Read it to take your mind off my lousy moood today.

(credz Boing Boing)
I am dirty, grimy and caked in bug spray.

Yes, I'm back.

And Alive.

You may begin rejoicing.

Friday, June 04, 2004

It's a hellish day already... I can't wait to get out of town and go camping for the weekend.

Everbody play nice while I'm gone, okay?

Thursday, June 03, 2004

A touch of levity? Maybe...

Still busy, too busy to really converse, and let’s face it, yesterday’s thoughts on growing up WERE a bit of a downer so let’s look for a bit of a diversion today.

Hmmm…drawing a blank. I guess I have too much on my mind. I leave to go camping in the wilds of Wisconsin tomorrow (they do speak English there, don’t they?) and I still have a fair amount of prep wk to complete, so no diversion for you!

Also, today is Photogal’s last day of work before her three month sabbatical. Yup, she’s taking three months off work. Why? Because she goddamn well can!

I am sooo jealous.

On the bright side she’ll be spending a fair amount of time out of town and on the road over the summer which will give me and the dogs some quality time together, right?

Anything to make me fell better…three months off!? Wow.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Ch-ch-check it out!

I just realized that my first serious girlfriend from college has stumbled across this site...wild! She never knew me as "Tankboy" so I'm amazed she tracked this down. It must've been's nice to see that she's alive and doin' fine though so a big shout-out to you and I dedidcate the next Chia Pet/Blue Meanies one-two punch I play while DJing just to you. Had I known you were lurking I would've dedicated last night's unearthing of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult to you as well!

...okay that's enough fun, now back to my dark musing about growing up...
Foggy notion.

So you know how there are those days that you’re not hung over, not really tired and not really feeling too bad but you feel kinda foggy nonetheless? That’s where I am this morning.

So I guess this wouldn’t be the best time for my interior monologuists to indulge in an extended wrestling match over which pathway I should follow as a template for living, right? It’s no secret that I am constantly in a battle with myself over two primary options.

Option One: Move to the ‘burbs, have babies and grow old with Photogal.
Option Two: Party like a rock star, continue booking shows, sow my wild oats.

Each option seems to pretty fully exclude the other, right? Wrong. I’m selfish and I want all of the above -- except for the “sowing wild oats” part (for the most part..c'mon, all guys want to continuously sow the oats but it takes a man to hold himself in check. I'm trying to be a man, okay?) My challenge is to figure out how to meld all of the above statements into a cohesive whole that will st6aisfy both me and Photogal.

It ain’t easy kids. Time slips by quickly so I tend to want to live in each moment. As I get older, though, I begin to see that inhabiting life moment by moment tends to leave the end result of a life lived with no actual results. Wait, that’s confusing. Let me put it this way: It’s hard to leave a lasting mark if all you’re consumed by is the urge to mark your territory. Wait, that might be a tad on the zoological side. Whatever.

I think what I’m trying to say – and bumbling quite terribly due to a) this morning’s fogginess and b) the generally daunting nature of the question(s) I’m trying to answer – is that it’s getting to be time for me to grow up and I’m having issues with that.

I take the fact I have issues as being a good thing since it would seem to be indicative of a healthy growing process. If I wasn’t questioning every step how could I ever hope to take responsibility for the end results? In the end I want no one but myself to blame for the path I take.

Now I’ve gotta go. It’s time to grab a shovel, some wood, a hammer and some nails and try to figure out how to bridge the gaps between Options One and Two…

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

May I humbly recommend the following?

They let a lot of people go at work last Friday so I expect today will be very busy. In the interest of not leaving anyone hanging on this Tuesday morning that feels like a Monday I figured I’d give a brief accounting of things that have rocked my personal world over the last few weeks. Maybe you should check these things out as well?

- Mean Girls was the perfect example of what a smart and darkly funny teen film should be. It was also a good example of a teen film engaging a sour old coot like myself and triumphing over its supposed genre. An added plus? Lindsey Lohan’s, um, assets. I sweartagod that girl did not look like that when I was in high school…

- Eats, Shoots and Leaves is so far a delightful little read. I’m glad there are other people in the world that are bummed out by the mass population arbitrarily applying “rules” to grammar.

- Rachael Yamagata’s Happenstance is terrific. Honest. Trust me.

- I’ve had it for eons but I’m suddenly re-hooked on the Heart album by those electro-poppers from Canada Stars. As far as this sort of thing goes I still think The Postal Service is tops but this little disc it awfully pretty.

- The article about stand-up comics that was in the New Yorker a few weeks ago really reminded me of the time I spent with comedians and poets and reinforced my belief that, generally, they are a miserable, disturbed and very funny bunch of people.

- The DVD set of Chappelle's Show - Season 1 is almost enough to make me want to start paying for cable again. Insightful, inciteful and goddamned hilarious.

Okay, on to the nine to five for the day. Kisses.