Thursday, June 03, 2004

A touch of levity? Maybe...

Still busy, too busy to really converse, and let’s face it, yesterday’s thoughts on growing up WERE a bit of a downer so let’s look for a bit of a diversion today.

Hmmm…drawing a blank. I guess I have too much on my mind. I leave to go camping in the wilds of Wisconsin tomorrow (they do speak English there, don’t they?) and I still have a fair amount of prep wk to complete, so no diversion for you!

Also, today is Photogal’s last day of work before her three month sabbatical. Yup, she’s taking three months off work. Why? Because she goddamn well can!

I am sooo jealous.

On the bright side she’ll be spending a fair amount of time out of town and on the road over the summer which will give me and the dogs some quality time together, right?

Anything to make me fell better…three months off!? Wow.

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