Thursday, June 17, 2004


Photogal is back.
Work is busy.
Life is back to normal.
Eurotrip was actually a little funny.

I have a MOBfest showcase Saturday that everyone should attend, even though MOBfest never prints my name in their literature or gives me credit even though I’ve been doing shows for them since almost the beginning. However they are more than happy to take credit for stuff they had nothing to do with. I guess their spokesman was on the radio talking about how MOBfest led to record deals for both Kill Hannah and Rachael Yamagata. I know for a fact that both bands got their deals through connections, showcases on both coasts and good old fashioned hard work. But hey, that’s the music biz, eh?

Whatever. Whatever is also and Oasis singel, never on an album, that is quite excellent. I was thinking about b-sides from that particular band and remembered the b-side collection The Masterplan they released in the U.S.A. a few years ago. I thought it was funny that Acquiesce was listed as “the lead-off single from the Oasis b-sides collection.” So it’s a b-side that’s been transformed into an a-side by virtue of crossing the Atlantic? No matter, it’s still a great song, it’s just the marketing that seemed a little wonky at the time. But that’s the music biz, eh?

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