Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A quandary.

So Photogal is enjoying Mexico. She is enjoying it so much she has decided that she’s going to rent an apartment down there for one month beginning mid-July and take some intensive Spanish classes at the local university. Wow, that is so cool. I wish I had three months off and could just move to Mexico for a while on a whim! She has worked incredibly hard over the last few years, though, so I think this whole experience is quite deserved.

I do have a problem though. It’s entirely understandable I will get a little lonely and miss my girlfriend while she’s away for a month but I think the opportunity is so great I wouldn’t dream of denying this trip to her. However, we are moving to her house two days before she goes down to Mexico for a month. That means I’m going to spend a month in a house on the outskirts of Chicago, far removed from my friends, while taking care of two dogs, entirely alone.

That kind of sucks.

The whole reason I agreed to this move was because I understand that Photogal would like to get me a little further from the ‘hood and a little more firmly ensconced in a more “mature” lifestyle. Fair enough, I can buy that. I am actually looking forward to seeing how I adapt to the new circumstances and what sort of new developments arise. However I was looking forward to moving down that path with someone at my side, I didn’t expect to get dumped in a foreign environment and then immediately abandoned for a month! I mean, I’m a grown-up (relatively) and I’ll deal but it certainly doesn’t make a transition that was already a challenge to begin with and less difficult.

Oh well, I’ll just get really used to the company of my two dogs, I suppose, and look forward to visiting Photogal down in Mexico sometime in July or August. Maybe I can arrange a tour to hop along with at some point in there too...that would keep me occupied! I could tie little bandanas on Betty the beagle and Lucy and employ them as miniature roadies!

Maybe not.

Lest I forget...

...tonight is the 2nd Annual Sweet Alice prom at Ten56 hosted by Rudy and yours truly. It should be fun so repress those high school nightmares and carve out a happy and stress-free memory of Prom for yourself.

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