Thursday, April 09, 2009

An apology, and a map.

An apology, and a map.

Seriously, things are crazy right now. I know you read everywhere that people's lives are crazy and you're all like, "Well, my life is pretty nutso too so whaddya talking about?" but in my case things have seriously exploded. It's an excellent kind of crazy, but I'm pouring so much into my 9-to-5 right now all extracurricular writing has dwindled to a trickle.

I promise I will make up for it soon. I just needed to recalibrate my engines to balance out the creative fuel so that when is rushes full bore into one engine it doesn't suck everything out of the other.

Until that point, take in this map of Chicago's neighborhoods that, while pretty, is basically bullshit. To quoth its source, Olivia, "Pretty, but I’m calling BS on “Lathrop Homes.” What in the world is that? I love how every time you see one of these Chicago maps, there is a brand new neighborhood. And where is Noble Square? University Village? Greektown?"

As usual, click the pic for the biggie-size view.

Oh yes, also, Hey Champ was really on their game last night, completely, in my humble estimation, blowing away The Bloody Beetroots.

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