Monday, July 27, 2009

Chrome vs. Firefox ... winner Firefox!

Chrome vs. Firefox ... winner Firefox!

I've been test driving Google Chrome at work, primarily since the latest version of Firefox didn't support Google Gears yet (it now does), and while I liked some of it's features, I'm moving back to Firefox. Chrome has a ways to go.

The one thing I did like was the simplicity of Chrome's interface, and the intuitive download features. I get a lot of music sent to me online, photos in press packs, and stuff like that, and I really enjoyed the single-click downloading including a single browser page were you could keep track of everything. Firefox is a tad more multi-step in this area, so it was a welcome change.

Unfortunately, Chrome is just too rough around the edges for me. It's spellchecker and text selection is atrocious. It crashes too often for me, and it's slooooow. And the fact that you can't manually re-size photos in Blogger -- um, a Google product -- when you can in Firefox and Explorer was the final deal-breaker. It doesn't exactly fill me with confidence to find Google's own browser doesn't play nice with it's other products.

So Firefox, I'm back! Now let's start outfitting you with all my favorite plug-ins again...

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