Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Orleans bound!

New Orleans bound!

GalPal and I are scrambling to get ready for tomorrow departure to New Orleans for a well earned and long overdue vacation. (I don't feel bad letting you know we're headed out of town since one of our friends is house-sitting for us so we're not exactly leaving our place vacant.)

Anyway, keep your eyes here for periodic updates and drunken scrawls from down south. It'll be my first time back there since pre-Katrina and it's GalPal's first time there EVER so we're hoping to have a lot of fun. Been there yourself and want to share your recommendations with us? Leave a comment or shoot me an email. All ideas welcome!

O.K., back to our preparations...

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Gage said...

ooh I'd love to go there, never been. Have a good time!