Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sometimes I think ours may be a dark and vengeful God.

Sometimes I think ours may be a dark and vengeful God.

Storms, storms, storms. Chicago has been hit by a couple of whoppers in the last few days. Nothing quite as scary as that mammoth crash of hail, thunder, lightning and possible tornadoes that hit right after Lollapalooza a few years ago -- that one had me huddling in the first floor of my apartment's stairway with a beagle on a leash and a growling cat in her carrier -- but there have been a few moments that have reminded me that when Mother Nature decides to let us have it we are completely at her mercy. On Friday I watched Buckingham Fountain blow sideways as a sheet of black sky made its way across the city, pushed along by winds that buckled windows in the building across from me and made my own office tower sway like a small tug in a choppy bay. Last night someone keep hitting the skies with a strobe while throwing down great waves of thunder before driving rain swept through and quieted everything back down.

What's next?

Photo by Deltasly


Gage said...

man, I love crazy storms. I bet I'd like them less if I actually experienced a dangerous one, but so far so good.

Tankboy said...

When they turn dangerous it IS thrilling but man oh man is it scary to know that you have ZERO control over whatever is going to happen. You also begin to realize how frail the buildings that cover us really are when wind starts to really shake them around...