Thursday, June 03, 2010



I'm not posting much over the next few days since I'm on vacation in New Orleans (and yes, we have a friend house-sitting for us so I don't mind letting people know I'm out of town) but this, I had to share.

I can not stop running into Vanna White in this fricking city!

Wheel of Fortune is filming here and we keep running into her doing pick up shots. Last night on Bourbon Street wasn't too bad, but they took over Cafe Du Monde this morning, ringing the place in bright lights to get there shots, and man was that annoying. I wanted to walk over and ask Vanna if I could buy some peace and quiet.

I will say this. For a woman who was on TV when I was a kid, loooooong ago, she is looking pretty damn good. She honestly looks about 35 in person, and it's not obvious if she's had any work done. Just please Vanna, let me enjoy NOLA without the film crew watching.

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