Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Man, that was a weird night's sleep (or lack thereof).

Man, that was a weird night's sleep (or lack thereof).

Woke up on the couch at 2 a.m. to discover this in my inbox (click to enlarge):

Honestly? Snoozeville! Outside the Death From Above 1979 reunion (they NEVER let me down live when I saw them in the past) and the Stateside appearance by Suede the whole thing looks like a rehash of festival bills past. The one thing that set Coachella apart in the past, aside from being first on the ground each year, was throwing in an actual surprise or two as a headliner, but this year their roster is actually looking like its pilfered wholesale from the last few Lollapaloozas. Also, we've probably officially run out of bands to play festivals so I guess this was inevitable.

After seeing that, but certainly not sparked by it, my sleep was intermittent at best due to a series of KEE-razy and vivid dreams. One included the prison castration of one dream's bad guy at the behest of his one-time henchman; a duo me and Lizz and my boss at work put behind bars after a plot to kill me was thwarted by some quick detective work. It was kind of like Wonder Boys meets Wall Street meets Saw, and I have no idea what prompted it, unless falling asleep to Tosh.0 earlier in the evening somehow poisoned my mind.

Or maybe my mind is just so excited to see Free Energy one last time at Double Door tonight before they get off the road for a while it's short circuiting and triggering this stuff.

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Seitz said...

There's a ton of bands there that I'd like to see...again. The thing about living in Chicago is that it makes it really hard to get excited about a festival like Coachella when you know that all the bands you want to see were either just here, or will be shortly. Sure, I'd love to see Pains, Titus Andronicus, the Drums, and the Morning Benders, but I've seen the all in the last couple months, or will be seeing them soon. And at much more comfortable venues.