Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We survived last week. Barely.

And on Sunday we grilled. In March. In Chicago
Seriously, all we wanted to do last week was hang out and do nothing, but instead GalPal and I ended up running non-stop through the entire week. A confluence of great concerts, get-togethers with friends and a general restlessness brought on by the unseasonably warm weather in Chicago worked to keep us constantly occupied. So it's no wonder we ended up both sick on the couch by Sunday, our bodies under attack by the bug that's been biting everyone. Usually my system is hardy enough to fight this stuff off - I still don't think I've ever called in sick to my current job though there are probably times, like when I was burning up at 103 degrees Fahrenheit, that I should have - but after so much activity my system just couldn't take it. So I spent most of yesterday fighting off chills while feverishly (ha!) trying to chip away at a steadily growing mountain of work at the 9-to-5.

Today is much better. A hefty dose of TheraFlu helped me sleep through last night for and it's been less hectic in the office today. So I'm feeling much better. Of course it wasn't until this morning that I realized that while I had planned on seeing POND from Australia at Lincoln Hall tonight and then going home, the realization that YAWN and Oberhofer are also on the bill now means I'll be there for the whole show and thus be out later than expected. And that means I'm tempting this cold to worm its way back more deeply into my system. But I have decided to will it not to be so. Mind over matter. P.M.A.!

And, of course, if I start griping about being sick tomorrow now you can just tell me to quit my whining and that I brought it on myself.

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