Thursday, April 19, 2012

How not to be a jerk on the CTA.

Let's say the train is super delayed.

And after waiting for a tain for thirty minutes one blows by half full.

And then ten minutes later another one blows by, not even slowing down, and is again half full.

And then, another five minutes later, finally a train slowly draws next to your platform. And it's packed.

Everyone is in a bad mood, but everyone knows everyone else is suffering through the same hell so there is a certain amount of civility, even though we're all packed in and closer to each other than most couples are even in their most intimate moments.

And then, three stops later, two people leave their seat and the person next to that seat does this:
Yes, I considered just running the photo as-is, but fully publicly shaming someone when you don't know their whole background (maybe she really didn't even notice she was being a jerk?) seems a bit harsh. Everyone has their bad days. Though, when everyone around you is also having a bad day you'd think one would be a little more cognizant.
What would you do? And could you ever be such an utter and complete asshole?


Anonymous said...

This behavior is not offensive to me, and I don't understand why it pisses people off. Did you motion for the seat? I'm going to guess that if went for it they would have let you in. Why are we so afraid to interact with each other in the slightest.

I do this beacuse I hate being scrunched up next to the window.

Tankboy said...

It's a passive/aggressive move. I always move in to make room for someone else. it's common courtesy in a public space. Period.

Molly said...

I hate this, too, but then I try to give people the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe they have issues with claustrophobia. A stretch? Maybe. Depends on the day and the person.

Tankboy said...

I try and give the benefit of the doubt too, which is why I blocked out the person's face. But on a train THAT packed I have a really hard time excusing that behavior no matter what the reason...

Erini CS said...

Oh this TOTALLY bothers me. A lot. If people are standing, and you don't want to be near the window, then let someone else in first, then sit. Or just keep standing and deal with it.

Living up in Rogers Park, I've got long commutes. So if you block me and my very heavy bag from a seat, I will give you the glare of shame the entire time.

The window seat is not my favorite either, but I'm an adult and I deal with it out of respect to the other riders. I don't even give people the benefit of the doubt. Might be wrong of me, but it just seems like such a common sense thing to me.

brianfmorrissey said...

Yep, a total dick move on a crowded train.

One of the reasons I can't wait for the new 5000 series car to begin full roll out with the side oriented seats like every other rapid transit system in the civilized world.

I also blame the cars (and seats) for the reason people stand in the doors.

Unknown said...

Total dick move. Reeks of entitlement. Nobody likes being crammed against the window, but most people suck it up and deal with it.