Thursday, December 26, 2013

The warm fuzzies you get seeing GalPal looking adorable with this Gingerbread Kid is, believe it or not, the way I feel towards American Airlines this morning.

I know it's after Christmas but I just love that picture above so much. GalPal looks like adorable holiday spirit personified. And now I'm already back in Chicago after an ungodly early flight in an airport woefully unprepared for holiday travelers—though I admit when I got to Lambert–St. Louis International Airport and saw the HUUUUUUGE line to security after a few brief chats with the people around me we all thought the same thing; we would be the only ones crazy enough to fly so early on the day after Christmas. Not so! Regardless I made my flight with literally seconds to spare. And I'm thankful I did; there is NOTHING to do in that airport besides drink and since I was going straight to work that wouldn't have ben an option and I would've been bored off my ass.

The one bright spot of this morning's stressful travel belongs to whoever was running American Airlines' Twitter handle. Not only did they reach out with kind words of encouragement while I was stuck in the security line—not that it actually did anything but it was nice to know someone else was awake and wishing me the best—they then went the extra mile and noticed I had two AAdvantage numbers and offered to merge them so I wouldn't lose any of my miles.* That definitely brightened my day since, on top of relatively frequent travel anyway, I accumulated quite a few miles when traveling on all those video shoots of Olympic hopefuls earlier this year!

Honestly, sometimes the little things, that one extra nice gesture, can really make a complete difference in one's day. I need to remember that as far as guiding my own actions.

*Long story, but I couldn't seem to find my old account and figured it had somehow been deleted so when I had to travel a few months ago I created a new one figuring I'd just start gathering miles all over again. But no! My old account still existed and now the two have become one. Huzzah!

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