Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Tuff Tamale believes that 'Boyz Don't Cry'!

Keep's released a few raw, rough demos we've recorded in the past but today is the first time we're putting something out officially as Tuff Tamale that was recorded by actually mic-ing the drums and guitars and multiple vocals and all that stuff. We contributed a cover to a friend's compilation of Cure songs sourced from mostly regional artists. We did "Boyz Don't Cry" and while Keep made us change the way we were playing the day we recorded, I'm happy with the slightly off-kilter quirky result. Our friend doing the compilation offered to let us record in his nice studio but we went with our own DIY, though reasonably polished, approach.

It's me and drums and backing vocals with Keep on guitar and lead vocals. I like it. And our track leads off the collection! Listen below and download it for free. I hope you dig it. If not, there is a bunch of other cool music on the compilation for you to listen to and download for free too!

Annnnd, I just noticed the liner notes for the page the song page is on:

Fueled by MANG-O-RITA, Jameson, Capri cigarettes and Swedish Fish, Tuff Tamale DOES make boys cry.

Just say NO to MONG-O-RITA!

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