Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"It's not gong to stop."

I'm watching Magnolia, probably for the first time since I watched it right after buying the DVD when it was originally released. I think I've always avoided re-watching the film because it's such a heavy time investment, and it's not the sort of thing you play in the background while doing other things. And now I'm watching it and realizing that when something is this good, this adept at making you feel amidst steadily rising waves of tension broken by quiet meditative plateaus, it's worth revisiting on a far more frequent basis. 

Or maybe it's my long absence from the film that makes me appreciate it so much again? Not that it ever dropped in my estimation, but I'm sure taking so long between viewing allowed me to be genuinely surprised by some of the emotional beauty that rises out of sometimes difficult, often heartbreaking situations. 

But isn't that what being human is kind of all about? Finding the beauty; finding the meaning; finding the deep magic that is at the center of being human. 

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