Thursday, May 08, 2014

'Wicked Waltham' is finally finished!

Keep turned me onto Waltham, an amazing band from Massachusetts who had minor fame in the mid-aughts and then kind of disappeared. The members kept busy in other projects—singer Frank Pino, Jr. did some solo stuff and guitarist Dave Pino tours with Andrew W.K.—but I thought Waltham was over. Then they popped back up unexpectedly with a fantastic new song paired with a hilarious video, beginning the slow trickle of singles released over the last year. They've finally released the last of the single and packaged the whole thing up as the Wicked Waltham EP, so if yo've been missing the party before now, you can get fully caught up.

This is recommended to anyone who really, really likes incredibly catchy power-pop powered that hews closer to the rock than the pop.

Stream and download the whole thing below. It's pay what you want so if you're broke grab it for free and if you have a few bucks go ahead and throw them the band's way.


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