Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ride the bucking BRONCHO!

Photo of BRONCHO by Jaret Ferratusco.
I thought BRONCHO's last album was nice but it never really sunk it's hooks into me. That changes with their forthcoming new LP, Just Enough Hip To Be Woman. Holy crap is this some white hot rock and/or roll shit. Caught in a timeless inter-dimensional portal where Parker Posey's '70s bully meets her '80s Party Girl, this album brings on the party while throwing up the '70s riffs.

Fuck that wasn't a bad last line. I'm totally using it when previewing their Riot Fest appearance in Chicago. Can I do that? Or would I be plagiarizing myself? Can you plagiarize yourself? is this a whole 'mother discussion? Yes. Yes it is.

Well, BRONCHO is plagiarizing no one. They may be tipping their hat at a misread of influences but this teenage bedroom stadium rock is a blen that is 100% them. The album's out on September 16 and I suspect you'll want to add it to your collection.

Like I said, BRONCHO's playing Riot Fest so I'll see 'em in September, but if they come through your town I recommend seeing them.

Now, rock out to the songs below and tell me they don't both leave you grinning like you did the first time you discovered what happened when you covered fried dough with powdered sugar and shoved it in your mouth.

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