Friday, August 08, 2014

Ten years, huh?

Two dashing gentlemen.
I don't even mark this day on my calendar, but I know I'll always be reminded of it when it comes. Ten years ago my dad died.

Some days it feels like far more than ten years ago. Sometimes it feels like decades. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what it would be like with him around. And then other times I feel like I just saw him last week, or will see him at a family get together next month. And then it hits me I'll never see him again. At least not on this plane.

Ten years is a tough marker but I think the pain is even a little sharper than I expected as I plan my wedding and I realize my dad would have loved to see that day come. And I know he would have loved my wife to be and maybe the things that hurts the most is the knowledge that he didn't live long enough to see his first born become truly happy and fall deeply in love.

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