Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Tarts! Soon!

New project in the works! Ever since I realized the one and only "official" Ultra Sonic Edukators album was available and posted it up, I've been wanting to highlight a few other "hidden gems" of the scene. There were a LOT of bands that were great in Chicago in the late '90s and early to mid aughts that never benefited from the wider acclaim they probably would have received in a more "connected" time (like now).

Anyway, one of the bands I've been pursuing off and on over the years—The Tarts—finally gave me not only their blessing but all their recordings. So I'm in the process of making them all nice and lining up all the appropriate credits and such, but soon they'll be available for the world to hear! And I think that's really exciting. When you hear the recording I think you'll be excited too.

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