Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Cubs.

I'm no huge sports guy but I did grow up with WGN being my only connection to Chicago for the many years I traveled across the country to different destinations as my family moved when I was a kid. I was born here, but didn't grow up here. So based on that, the Cubs became the default team I would cheer for. Well, outside of the Cal Ripkin Jr. / Eddie Murray Orioles of the late '80s since I lived in Annapolis at the height of my baseball card collecting—and mostly final sports—phase.

So I was rooting for the Cubs, even though I secretly feared that if they won it'd remove that one thing that made them unique in all of baseball.

Of course I was in the very, very small minority with that worry.

But the Cubs didn't win. They lost. And usually that would spark a wave of anger in Chicago. But this time it was different. Every fan I know was proud of the team. For once their loss wan't viewed as the fault of management for gutting a team. Instead the team's leaders were credted with finally starting to invest and build a team that had room to grow and develop. The fact they made it to the playoffs this years was a bit of a surprise, but i suspect it won't be so shocking when the same thing happens next year.

And the best part is all the hardcore fans I know who usually lick their wounds in the winter months are actually walking with heads held high, sporting viably optimistic hopes for the future. For maybe the first time in a really, really long time.

Also, look! I wrote a post about sports! Whaaaaat?!

Nothing is impossible.

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