Thursday, December 17, 2015

Diving "Headfirst" into Secret Someones to avoid any 'Star Wars' spoilers.

Been tearing through albums today as I avoid the internet and possible Star Wars spoilers. Some of it has been painful because a couple ands I'd sort of been sitting on, certain I'd enjoy them, were letdowns.

Secret Someones was not one of the letdowns.

This NYC quartet writes big ol' sing-along chorus power pop, injecting a dash of New Wave melodic sensibilities while still keeping the gears firmly shifted into rock and/or roll.

The only quibble I could possibly have with these folks is that, at 16 tracks, their self-titled debut feels a little long; there are six acoustic renditions of songs that appear earlier on the album that seem rather superfluous. It feels like some label exec was all like, "Well, let's try these more stripped down and see if we catch some AC radio attention," which seems weird but I can see it. Then again, it does also do a nice job of displaying just how well constructed the songs are even after you take away the roaring guitars and driving drums.

In some ways they're like a real-life Josie and the Pussycats (plus one dude). Anyway, enjoy.

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