Friday, October 21, 2016

Hey Heyrocco!

I saw Heyrocco play a couple of songs Wednesday night. I had to miss part of their set because the band went on 40 minutes late, which wasn't their fault at all. I should have known that a small indie bill might push it's start time back in hopes of a larger crowd. Unfortunately Cute is What We Aim For (who I didn't even know was still around!) was playing a few doors down and had siphoned off most of the all ages punk/indie/what-have-you crowd.


So I caught part of Heyrocco's set, and luckily bought an old CD and a new t-shirt from their drummer I the show. Had I waited I would've walked away empty handed and that woud've made me sad. Wah wah.

What does not make me sad is the band's music. They're heavily indebted to '90s indie guitar rock, with a really hefty chunk of that debt owed a certain Seattle-based label, but to my ears it's all good. Check out a track from their latest EP below. Download it for free if you dig it.

And if you really dig it consider picking up either the band's new EP or their latest full length since they are both quite good.

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