Wednesday, December 06, 2017

MAMA makes the grade.

MAMA, photo by Amanda Olbrys from their Facebook page
A friend recommended I check out Chicago’s MAMA a few months ago and I went in without having checked out any of their music ahead of time. Sometimes I like to be totally surprised, and I definitely walked out of the show surprised.

They were playing in the back room of one of Logan Square’s diver dives, so I was expecting to hear some sloppy but good garage rock. Instead I was treated to something that had far more in common with someone like Thin Lizzy—all manic drumming, tight guitar lines, and vocal melodies anchored by hooks galore.

So of course as soon as I went home I bought their entire catalog on Bandcamp.

Their first releases have the core of what makes the band great, but I think last year’s Eye In The Sky is where they found the perfect balance between abandon and precision that I saw in that bar that night a few months ago.

The group is playing LiveWire tomorrow night (Dec. 7). If you bring bring in a non-perishable food item for the Greater Chicago Food Depository you can check out the show for free. Otherwise there’s an $8 cover. However you gain entry, I highly recommend you do. If you can’t make the show, the band gigs pretty frequently so I’d join their Facebook page so you can check them out next time they play.

Here’s some music to convince you. But it’ll be seeing MAMA live that’ll make you a full convert.

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