Thursday, March 22, 2018

Marmalakes turn "Milwaukee" into a power pop rager.

Well, this hit my inbox at the perfect time! It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Chicago and this track “Milwaukee” is perfect listing. And hey, if it’s not sunny wherever you are, this might just melt the clouds above you.

It’s performed by Marmalakes, out of Austin, and is a new single off their debut full-length Please Don't Stop, out May 11. The bandleaders’ names, Chase Weinacht and Josh Halpern, might ring a bell since they each also play in a number of other bands including Shearwater and The Hermits.

“Milwaukee” is a surging little piece of power pop, that glistens and shines. But the band isn’t afraid to get a little scuffed up—the instrumental break down near the end of the tune offs just the right amount of grit—and the resulting combination is a song that is over far too quickly. Luckily, you can just put it on repeat.

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