Monday, January 20, 2003

I ran across this earlier this month but didn't want to actually recommend it to anyone until I was sure it was going to be worthwhile...but man oh man is it! Apparently this guy decided to post one MP3 a day of strange, out-of-print or just plain impossibly rare songs and spoken word items for the duration of one year. He named it (obviously) The 365 Days Project. So far he's been keeping everything archived so you can catch up on all the weird and really quite wonderful stuff he's posted so far. In addition, each tune or cut comes along with great commentary and background info that is sometimes surprisingly touching

In completely unrelated news, I was able to get my sweaty little hands on the new Zwan disc and have to admit I'm more than a little surprised at how much I enjoy it. L'il Billy Corgan seems much happier lyrically in Zwan and not so beholden to the angry fourteen year old caged inside of his head that seemed to direct so much of the Pumpkins' career. I'll admit at being surprised at how poppy and "up" the album is especially after catching a few of the Zwan shows at Double Door here in Chicago when they did their three-day stint and the general sound was much looser. Lots of guitar solos and slower sinuous songs....much more along the lines "Jesus I/Mary Star Of The Sea" on the new disc. Great stuff to nod off to or get all dreamy over but not exactly material that will shrivel your socks in excitement.

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