Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Well, I suppose the stars must be properly aligned but I've decided the time is right to release the first widely available photo of Betty the Beagle. Yes, here she is folks...the dog that destroyed thousands of dollars of my property as a puppy...and now you can see why she could get away with it. Could you stay angry at a face like that? I thought not.

A funny side note: My roommate was talking to someone the other day and mentioned he had just moved into my place recently and how I owned a beagle and how said beagle was even friendlier than was expected. The person he was talking to, who I have never met by the way, said,"Oh, are you living with Betty the Beagle?"

Do you think my dog even knows she's semi-famous?

On a not-so-funny side note, I finally have a job interview on Thursday for a position I'm perfectly suited for, so I'm a touch nervous. I always get more worked up by things I actually want, y'know? Maybe my chances would be better if I brought Betty along to charm the interviewer for me...

...hopefully I'll get a job so I stop writing about silly stuff like my beagle, eh?

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