Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Less than one week away!

Less than one week away!

Next Wednesday I will be a year older. I will probably wake up late from Tuesday proper's celebrations, wobble into the family room, let the dog out, and then settle on the couch to ponder my place in the world the past few decades and change and where I'm heading in the coming years.

No I won't.

I'm self-aware, but not exactly the "I-must-review-my-life-at-certain-milestones" kind of guy. New Year's Eve doesn't bring forth new resolutions, the day of my dad's death doesn't bring about a new bout of mouring, and birthdays don't feill me with the desire to do a yearly observation. These are all things I think belong in every single day I occupy. You don't make big plans once a year! You have an ongoing focus on where you want to head and you adjust daily to get there, while leaving yourself open to new discoveries. Personal improvement is a 365 day project, and should be treated as a living organism, not a chart on a wall.

So I look forward to celebrating another year lived next Tuesday night (at The Burlington, if you'd like to join me). A year with highs and lows, one with some sesimic life shifts, and one I'm glad I lived. But don't expect me to get all sentimental about it. Birthdays are momentary stops along the whole journey, right?

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