Friday, November 06, 2009

DJ Tankboy + Old Oak Tap = Friday funday!

DJ Tankboy + Old Oak Tap = Friday funday!

It is the first Friday of the month, so that means I will be curating the music within the walls of the Old Oak Tap this evening. It's supposed to be a relatively nice evening, so come on out and enjoy it before the weather turns icy and you find yourself hunkered down on your couch with only the television (and possibly your partner if you have one / if they can still stand you after months of cabin fever) as company.

As usual I have a truckload of new stuff, alongside about three semis of classic faves, so you know the music will never be predictable.

BONUS: The great thing about Old oak? Not only are the tunes good, but the food is excellent*, and the beers are many. So come on down, nosh a bit if you so desire, and then stay the evening for camaraderie set to a wonderful soundtrack.

November 6

DJ Tankboy

10pm - 2am

2109 W Chicago

*Seriously, try the spicy fries. They're awesome. The subtly slow burn is not to be found elsewhere in our city.

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