Thursday, November 12, 2009

Checking in.

Checking in.

I was in the midst of writing something about how excited I was to go to Lincoln Hall for the first time tonight when I was informed I was bumped from the list. It seems as if one of the bands playing needs the space for friends and family so that's cool, I understand.* I'd rather had pals at my show than some dude from the press I've never met. It just means it'll be a bit longer before I finally get to visit the new venue everyone has been raving about.

Other than that everything is just kinda keepin' on keepin' on. My review of Kid Sister's new album is up right now, and hopefully tomorrow I'll have photos to go along with my write up of an insane party from earlier this week.

Tarry on.

*They did offer me a spot on the list for another show, but I have this going on tomorrow night so I had to turn it down.

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