Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yes, another Lady GaGa post from someone that is neither a seventeen-year-old nor a theater major.

Yes, another Lady GaGa post from someone that is not a seventeen-year-old nor an actor nor an art major (but was all of those things at one point).

I swear to you this site has not turned into some Lady GaGa fansite. Especially since the Fame Monster EP shows "Bad Romance" to be an interesting hiccup instead of the harbinger of a bold new direction. (Sonically the EP hews incredibly closely to the more straightforward pop of her debut than the interesting tics and treats I was hoping for.) However this new collaboration with Beyoncé -- not the duet on GaGa's EP but rather one BY Beyoncé FEATURING GaGa (keep it straight) -- is interesting in that it primarily shows the GaGa in PopTart / Diva light and while it's still entertaining it's not nearly compelling as the art-damaged GaGa I prefer.

And with that I swear to try and avoid mention Stefani Germanotta for AT LEAST a week.

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