Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mondays are blah blah blah, blergh.

Mondays are blah blah blah, blergh.

Mondays really blow, lately. I don’t know what it is but both GalPal and I have woken up absolutely drained the last few Mondays even if we’ve done absolutely nothing the day before.

Is it the abrupt switch from weekend to weekday? Is it because our weekends are generally jam-packed with activities or errands so we don’t actually get any real time to recharge and refuel our internal batteries? Or is it just that we’ve grown susceptible to “catching a case of the Mondays?”

For instance yesterday I just couldn’t even muster the energy to make it to the gym before work, and leaving the house was nigh impossible, but once I got to work I was totally fine. Better than fine, even. It was a super busy day and I just powered right through it with zero problem, finding myself so revved up that my post work trip to the gym was an unusually powerful one, given the time of day. Even GalPal was looking pretty charged up as we shared the bus home together … until we crossed the threshold of our coach house and all the energy drained right out of us. We both made dinner in a sullen silence, and ate it in front of the TV like a duo of zombies. In fact I was pretty much out of commission by 10 p.m., an unbelievably early time for me to retire for the evening.

So maybe it’s a location based Monday malaise?


Alyson said...

I think it's a season-based thing, it's got to be since pretty much everyone in the wide-ranging Blogosphere seems to be suffering from it these days.

Especially me, blah.

Tankboy said...

As you can see from the post title I will see your blah and raise you a blergh!

twg said...

Was it raining for you, too? I know when it's cool and rainy it's great for sleeping but not so much for getting outta bed.