Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recharging the batteries.

Recharging the batteries.

Last week GalPal and I went to an out of town wedding and treated it like an adventure. We took our time getting there and tried daring things in town before the ceremony, like eating food in a castle-like structure surrounded by steins, armor, weapons, and really old people. No, it wasn't Medieval Times. The trip back the next day was even more fun, filled with off the path meandering, insanely large breakfasts, custard, and the sighting of another castle in mid-construction.

It was just what we needed.

I'm taking tomorrow off work in order to use up a vacation day before it expires and I think I'll view that the same way I treated last weekend. It's a chance to do something unexpected, something with no real purpose, something just for me.

I'm looking forward to it and I'm glad last weekend reminded me how much fun life can be when you allow it to just happen.

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Mich said...

I like mine mitt.

Tankboy said...

Mitt is the only way to go!

Hopefully I don;'t eat the whole thing on my day off tomorrow...