Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wait, THIS is Les Savy Fav?!

Wait, THIS is Les Savy Fav?!

So I get the download of the new Les Savy Fav album from their publicist last week and when I started to listen to it I at first thought they sent me the wrong files. I've always thought Les Savy Fav was a hoot on-stage -- sort of a goofier version of the Jesus Lizard -- but their albums have always left me a little cold. It's not that the recordings are bad; I think in my opinion the band was trying harder to art rock out than honestly rawk out.

The new album rectifies that issue, and while longtime fans may be turned off by the band's sudden embrace of melody, riffage, and sing-along choruses I find the material to be way more satisfying than anything the band has previously done. The album does do some genre switching here and there; at one point power pop rules, then they group channels a more Pacific Northwestern guitar vibe, and there are moments where the groups love of the Dead Kennedys and Jesus Lizard do come shining back to the fore. Altogether it's a keeper of an album that retains the band's twisted and sometimes confrontational wit and, I believe, makes it even more subversive by wrapping it in such delicious music.

You can download standout track "Let's Get Out Of Here" below and get a taste of the band's new direction but before you do I offer a genuine word of warning; prepare to have the song stuck in your head for the next few days.

If you like "Let's Get Out Of Here,: and I think you will, you can also download "Sleepless In Silverlake from the band's NewBandDaily page today. If you like both tunes and want more, you can already get the new album, Root For Ruin, on iTunes.

MP3: Les Savy Fav "Let's Get Out Of Here"


Anonymous said...

dude, sounds like they've been listening to their posterchildren records. Sounds like the p-kids.

Tankboy said...

That's probably at least one reason I like it so much!