Friday, October 29, 2010



So I’ve been trying this new thing at work, and it’s called “get up and walk over to talk to somebody when you have a question instead of sending them an email or IM, if they’re in at least.” It’s great!

When you work in digital for as long as I have, and when so much communication is done online, it’s easy to forget how terrific personal interaction can be. It also comes with the bonus side effect of people getting to know each other even better! I’m obviously adept and presenting my personality via text, and when most folks meet me they are astounded that I come across exactly as they expect me to (no fudging the facts here!), but there are still nuances I can’t convey in writing that I do in speech. Heck, there’s probably reams of stuff my co-workers could clue you into about myself I don’t even know because it’s just a reflex I don’t pay attention to. Kind of like the day Keep pointed out my funny vocal delivery wherein I start sentences slowly and speed them up as I keep talking.*

So yeah, next time you have a question for someone, head on over and ask them in person! I’m really digging it.

*By the way, my theory behind this is that since I spent so many years in bars and clubs I had to slow down the beginning of conversations so people could adjust and latch onto what I was saying, and once I knew they were tuned in I could speed things up.


TC said...

wow, it is genuinely strange that you wrote this because I was just thinking about this at work yesterday! Seriously, people email or call each other in this office and they are so close that I can hear both ends of the phone call live!

Tankboy said...

Oh, that's happened here too! In fact there have been times when a designer and I are IMing each other across an aisle. Not anymore!

monkey said...

I, too, used to work in a newsroom where people would call me and I could actually hear them in both my phone and in my free ear. At which point, I would just get up and go over to talk to them. It seemed silly otherwise.

Certain things are perfect via IM such as letting you know when a story has been edited or it's been released for designers. But conversations about direction of story or photo packages seemed ridiculous to do other than in person.