Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oh yeah, that reunion thing.

Oh yeah, that reunion thing.

So last Friday I trekked to the 'burbs to see people I once went to high school with. I got to the bar and realized that despite most attendees having been "popular" in those halcyon days I didn't recognize 99% of the folks in the room. Once girl had an incredibly square jaw and looked almost exactly like she did in high school, leading me to wonder if we shared some similar genetic material, but I couldn't even remember her name. The gentleman who literally saved me from getting killed by the football game was there, though, and I was happy to see him. One of my exes -- a girl far out of my reach in high school but who dated me during my college years and is now a cop in the city I spent my later teen years in -- was there and I was happy to catch up with her too. A few folks approached me throughout the evening, recognizing me, but I had to admit to each of them I honestly couldn't place them when they wanted to walk down memory lane with me.

There was a truly awful suburban cover band so we left the bar early and went to another, scuzzier joint across town where GalPal and I had a few beers and laughed about a girl who looked just like latter-era Liza Minelli.

I'm glad I headed out to the 'burbs. Otherwise I'd have always wondered if my 20-year high school reunion would have been worth going to. Now I know it wasn't.


Alyson said...

I can't wait for mine so I can not-go to it; highschool was terrible.

Gage1 said...

Alyson is right, I don't know why I went to mine, oh yeah I do, I wasn't going to go but I got pressured into it.

The only good that came from mine is that I've ended up reconnecting, dating and am now living with an old high school friend, so that was cool. But that could have happened anyway without the reunion thing so yeah...but at least now you know reunion=waste of time. 99% of people have turned into fat, uptight and thoroughly lame (and bald and old looking!) asses. OH WAIT! Now THAT was another good reason to have gone!