Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Purring motorboats in the dark.

Purring motorboats in the dark.

So I'm sitting in my dark office, lit only by my screen, and somewhere buried in the inky corners of the room I hear what sounds like a small purring motorboat interrupted by the occasional chirp. I crept off my chair and inched towards the source of the noise; Pickle the Kitten happily sitting underneath our papasan chair. That cat is so silly.

In other silly news I'm DJing at The Burlington tonight! This looks to probably be my last Tuesday there for a while (I'm going to try out a few Fridays there in November and December) so if you can make it out tonight I'd really appreciate it. Hopefully they'll have the Bulrington house beer on draft. It's been a while since I had one and I've really been craving it lately.


Alyson said...

I really need to see for DJ sometime! I'm consistently (and predictably) impressed by your taste in music, so I imagine it'd be a great experience.

Tankboy said...

I do try and keep folks entertained ... but its been years since I was up north in Canadia!

Anhalt said...

House beer, eh? Do you know who makes it for them or where it comes from? (Of course the first time I comment on your blog is in response to you talking about beer)

Tankboy said...

I can't TELL you what the house beer is, but it rhymes with Blotted Sow.