Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow place like home.

Snow place like home.

I guarantee that if you read any sites based in the Midwest that you will be sick to death of weather related puns by tomorrow morning.

They're still predicting we're going to get up to two feet of snow, promising this will be even bigger than the storm we got in 1999 (which did in fact shut down Chicago for almost a full 24 hours, during which everyone converged at my house to play in the snow and drink beer) so the entire city is currently suspended in anticipation. We get "storm of the century" predictions at least two or three times a season so forgive us if many of us are doubtful of this thing actually living up to the hype, but I'll admit at this point all sign point to us actually experiencing a once-a-decade-or-so snow day tomorrow.

Wonder if i should stop by the store on the way home to stock up on supplies on the way home .... nah, The Corner bar is right outside my back door and I can get everything I need (beer, popcorn, cigarettes, chips, meat snacks, snack mix) there!


Mich said...

I'm excited to witness a once-a-decade snow! And for bragging rights. I cant wait to tell my kids about the blizzard of 2011.

"Oh, you think THIS is bad, you shoulda seen..."

Alyson said...

I need to move out of Winnipeg so I can actually enjoy a good blizzard panic.

Tankboy said...

We don't easily panic in Chicago either...