Friday, February 04, 2011

Who's got cabin fever? He's got cabin fever!

Who's got cabin fever? He's got cabin fever!

I actually can't wait to get into the office today. I'm going a little stir crazy and have to admit I was a little depressed yesterday when the CTA thwarted my attempts to make it downtown. I even skipped the gym to get an early start in anticipation of higher ridership, but of course I never expected the number of people attempting to take the Blue Line would increase so sharply in contrast to actual Blue Line service decreasing even more sharply.

Here's hoping today is better. And even if it's not I AM GETTING TO THE OFFICE NO MATTER WHAT. I don't care if I gotta hop on the back of a horse behind a cop (Note to self: Buy a horse so you can get around next time there's a Blizzaster), I am working my 9-to-5 from behind my desk 63 stories above the city instead of at a coffee table 20 inches above my family room floor.

I love that my office let's us work from home when needed, though for me that's incredibly infrequent, maybe two or three times over the years, and when I'm working on something copy heavy that requires solid attention nothing beats the solitude of the telecommute. But man oh man, you do start to miss the human interaction. And I think you work harder, because you're paranoid that since you are working from home everyone in the office assumes you're slacking, so you work furiously and are glued to your computer for nine straight hours s you can immediately shoot replies back to any queries to prove that "Yes, I am actually WORKING from home, I promise!"

It gets draining, this Catholic guilt. This fear that even though you're doing the right thing and maintaining a solid work ethic you still feel the need to loudly prove that you are in fact doing the right thing and maintaining a solid work ethic.* Thanks Mom.

*See? It's unavoidable. I just did it again!

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