Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walls of cotton.

Walls of cotton.

I feel like I'm in limbo, a little. GalPal and I have been leading a largely insular lifestyle lately, where even when we go out it's basically the two of us interacting with each other and almost no one else, and to be honest it's been kind of great. If you can still spend that much time with another person and not just not get sick of each other but actually really enjoy each other's company 2.5+ years in I consider that a god thing.

Work has been insane, both on the 9-to-5 front and the editing side of the Chicagoist front, leading me to do much less extracurricular writing than I'd like, providing a further insulating effect. So much so that a number of bands I was really looking forward to have come through town the last couple of weeks and I've been so far removed by the tasks at hand I only notice they are playing in Chicago the day after they leave!

I thought this would be a good time to start cutting through these walls of cotton, or did, until this current spate of crud-tastic weather hit. So I will remain in these walls ... for a few more days. But the time to mindfully reengage is upon us. Let's take this week in baby steps and give it a test run at this awesome party at the VFW on Thursday (I have Friday off) before celebrating my complete reemergence when I DJ (hopefully early) with some other awesome folks on Saturday at Beauty Bar for '90s night. (Yes, we're now doing nostalgia nights based around the '90s; it confuses me as well.)

Let's turn this cotton into some sharp threads and hit the town together.

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