Friday, April 08, 2011

BOWIE2001 A Space Oddity ... get it?

BOWIE2001 A Space Oddity ... get it?

So yesterday the dude who put together BOWIE2001 A Space Oddity, a remix album of Bowie tunes that somehow ties into a "re-imagining" of the similarly named Kubrick movie, popped a link to the disc in my Twitter feed. I downloaded it and have been listening to it and while some of it is just easy listening electronica built on Acid Xpress or something, some of it is rather adept at reframing Bowie's voice in a different tableaux.

My favorite track so far is easily "Thursday's Starchild" since it manages to make Bowie sound like he's in an Erasure cover band singing a hit they never wrote. Download it and if you like what you hear then pick up the whole album and/or movie here.

MP3: David Bowie "Thursday's Starchild" (reimagined by Fritz Von Runte)

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