Friday, September 07, 2012

Well, that was quite a couple of days, huh?

Sasha the Cat made sure I got some rest this week.
I learned a few things this week:
After 1.5 days staying home from work (though, admittedly, I couldn't keep myself from working most of that time (but the rest I did get was well worth it)) I feel much, much better. Dont worry, I'm still taking it easy. GalPal has already threatened me with another concussion* if I don't. But I saw the doctor yesterday and he said while the post-concussive symptoms could last quite a while, aside from another blow to the head, I'll be fine. As for work, while staring at a computer may cause me discomfort he said it won't cause any lasting damage so if I want to just power through I can. So I am.

Overall the biggest thing this whole experience has taught me is that I just might be human. Breaking a limb, or needing stitches or anything like that is one thing; you know what it is, where you're at, and what to expect. Breaking your brain? Now that's scary. It's my whole livelihood! Heck, it's the thing that lets me be me. It kind of makes me feel, well, mortal. And it's not like I ever truly thought I was superhuman but I probably carried a little bit more of that youthful idea of invulnerability a little further in years than I should.

Hey, I'm not saying anyone should expect some huge change in behavior from me after this! But I may just be beginning to learn something in my old age.

And again, thanks to every single person (especially GalPal and Scott) who made an effort to look out for me. I truly, deeply appreciate it.

*Not really, but she has told me there's no way she's letting me not take it easy for a while.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you got hurt. Hope you feel better soon. Darcell

Tankboy said...

I do now, thanks Darcell!