Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I got a broken face, uh huh.

I think those are headed for my skull.
I can't decide if it was a good or bad idea to go into work yesterday. On the one hand it was unavoidable since there's just too much stuff that needs me going on right now, on the other my head feels like it's going to split apart. It's almost like my brain made a deal with me saying, "O.K., I know you need me today so I'll let you focus as long as you keep popping Advil, but hoo boy, tonight you better just lay down for a while." And I did, until I got antsy and decided to distract myself looking for old CDs in the basement, which my brain must not have minded because it let me finish the task before going, "Hey, that was enjoyable for both of us, but prepare to pay the price!" And with that my brain decided it was time to leave me grimacing myself to sleep on the couch.

Now I'm waking up and feel like I have a vise just pushing in on the sides of my head while and inflatable balloon pushes slightly outward from inside my skull. Time for more Advil. And another day of just dealing with it.

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