Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The return of Rancid?

So, like, I remember first hearing Rancid in my college record store in the early '90s* and asking the clerk about it since I was digging it. It was snotty punk, rude, but there was this sing-along quality t it that made it rise above what else was out there at the time. the clerk told me it was "some of the dudes from Operation Ivy's new band" and I immediately grew super stoked to hear the rest of the album. So I ran home, grabbed a few CDs I no longer listened to, sold them to a college bookstore down the street because they paid better, and then ran back to buy the Rancid album.

I stopped following the band after ...And Out Come The Wolves because they no longer really hit me in that sweet spot with the material that followed. It just grew more cartoonish to me. And to be honest, I thought they had broken up, but it appears as if I'm wrong. This shows how much they fell off my radar! Anyway, it appears they are still together and thriving and have released a new song that you can snag for yourself, for free, below. "Fuck You," is still pretty cartoonishthe song is called "Fuck You" for christ's sake—but I'm digging it's deranged sock hop vibe. I'm not gonna say the band's really reignited my interest in them, but it is a nifty little tune, and it's free! And now it's made me want to go back and listen to the stuff from their early years too.

*Also, and file this under "HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLY TRUE," Rancid is celebrating their 20th anniversary. Sheezus, I am old.

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